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Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist 


Please note: Andre now resides in  Manchester and performs in Greater Manchester and the North West as well as in South Africa. 


Andre has been providing his brand of Hilarious Hypnotic Humour for the past 28 years in Theatre's in and around South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and as far afield as Australia and the U.K.


With the snap of a finger, Andre turns willing victims into the stars of the evening's Theatre performance, Corporate event, School Fundraiser or Festival. 

Andre started his career in 1994 when his show the "Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist show" opened at the Victory Theatre in central Johannesburg and turned into an overnight success.


What was supposed to be a four week season ended 12 weeks later, a feat that Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist would repeat across the country and continues till today. 

What makes Andre's show special is the fact that no two shows are ever the same.

With Andre relying completely on the volunteers that takes part in his performance, not even Andre knows what is about to happen. 

Andre performs for groups as small as 35 people and more and the show is ideal clean family-friendly fun for all ages. Andre who was trained by the late Max Collie has a track record of providing high quality safe family-friendly entertainment.

Andre has been the star of a TV Special "Sleep" in which hypnotised volunteers were placed in various candid Camera situations while hypnotised and let loose on the public. 


Andre also featured in his own TV series, "Skaterlag met Andre 1 & 2 and is the author of a best selling book "I can juggle now" as well as a stage hypnosis course available on Udemy

Home.       About.     Video.     Booking


Home.       About.     Video.     Booking

Andre On Comedy Showcase Episode 1

Andre performed on Comedy Showcase in 2010 . These video's will give you a very good idea as to what you can expect when you see Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist live on stage. 

All the volunteers are members from the audience who volunteered on stage to become the stars of Andre's performace. You can book Andre by following this link and make your evening one to remember. 

Andre on Comedy Showcase Episode 2

Andre on Comedy Showcase Episode 3


Home.       About.     Video.     Booking

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